India will have

1 Billion

smartphone users by 2026

Yet women suffer the most from lack of access and awareness across sectors like healthcare, finance or skilling.

Women cannot read or write

Such women don’t have access to information which can guide them to government schemes or market-led opportunities. What if we could connect them to an accessible platform to reduce information asymmetry and increase digital fluency?

Barriers faced by underserved women

Lack of access to accurate and relevant information

A go-to platform for the right information at the right time is not readily available to women.

Suno Sunao an ally

We aspire suno sunao to bridge the information asymmetry gap and be the go-to platform for any information they need to solve their common challenges through curated content.

Socio-economic constraints

Deep-rooted socio-economic barriers such as sharing the household phone limit access and utilization of technology solutions.

Meeting them where they are

Most women like Sumathi have access to, and find it easier to use WhatsApp. Enter Suno Sunao WhatsApp Videobot.

Limited reading & writing capability

Majority of the existing platforms are text-based and cannot be accessed by those who cannot read and write.

Using speech recognition

Sumathi can seek information via an audio message, and in her vernacular - Hindi - at that! The chatbot responds to her query with audio and video content alike.

Isolated and disconnected

Access to information, particularly on areas of health or skilling, can often lead to a disconnect if there is no privacy.

Friendly and familiar

Our chatbot uses a friendly, recognizable tone for women in need to find a friend. WhatsApp being familiar to use is an additional benefit

Suno Sunao: Reducing information asymmetry

An ASR and NLP-powered video chatbot to empower women who cannot read or write to access the right information.

Suno Sunao creates awareness without the privilege of literacy, i.e. needing to type in a request or reading the response.

Our Vision
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